Experience a modern city with ancient history, on the crossroads between the East and the West. Open your eyes and mind and experience Niš. Visit historical sites, see the modern side of Nis, stretch your legs in nature and enjoy some of the famous Serbian hospitality.

Discover Nis on this private 3-hour tour with your guide and driver. See all of the city's top attractions, including Mediana, The Skull Tower, and The Fortress. Pickup and drop-off are included, along with entrance tickets for the museums. This tour is customizable for your party.

A history lesson about the oldest urban settlement in Europe, medieval fortresses on the Danube, archaeological site from the Roman era – Viminacium and the 5 million years old mammoth. Breathtaking view to the longest gorge in Europe is a must-see!

Explore the wine country in Serbia on this 6-hour day tour with a guide. Traveling by climate-controlled coach, head to the town of Topola and Oplenac, with its famous church and lush wine land. Visit the Old Royal Wine Museum and taste their local wines. Swing by Aleksandrovic Winery and tour their vineyards before partaking in a tasting of four special wines. Continue on to Arsenijevic Winery for another wine tasting. After all, that wine, stop for a traditional lunch (cost not included) at Knezev han before returning to Belgrade.

Following Thomas Berry’s saying “The greater the diversity, the greater the perfection” we are excited and proud to offer you to get to know the province of Vojvodina with us. On this tour, you will have the opportunity to both get comfortably tucked into the tranquillity and serene scenery of the flat Pannonian Plain and the devoted silence of quiet monasteries, as well as to be mind-awaken by the richness of the area’s historical significance. Of course, a bit earthlier pleasures, when in this area, must also not be avoided - Bermet, a traditional type of wine, preserved and revived to its former glory, will bring both your mind and your body into balance during this exploration. If variety is indeed the spice of life, Vojvodina – with its wide diversity of languages, ethnic groups, religions culture and traditions will surely contribute to your traveling experiences in more ways than you could have expected.

Get a great primer and orientation to the bustling Serbian capital, Belgrade, on this informative 3-hour walking tour. See some of the main sites, including the parliament building, Nikola Pasic Square, and Belgrade fortress with Kalemegdan Park. Walk along the charming Knez Mihailo street and learn about the history of Belgrade from its founding to the present.

Explore the third Serbian city by size, the birthplace of the famous Roman emperor Constantine the Great and city situated by river Nisava.

Do you like the Balkans? In this trip, we offer you just a little bit more of them - our western neighbor Serbia! During this day tour, we’ll visit two Serbian cities - Pirot and Nis while enjoying the history, local food, and many positive vibes. On our way, we’ll visit a six centuries-old fortress, the birthplace of Emperor Constantine the Great and his country house, but also a place where many evil things have happened as well as the biggest concentration camp escape in history! Come! Discover the Serbian spirit with us!

After more than 10 years of experience and after having met many many travelers from all over the world, our team came up with the idea to offer this busy but colorful tour to Serbia and Macedonia from Sofia. You will have the chance to understand and see why Balkan countries are different than the rest of Europe and why Balkan people have more history than they can handle.

This Belgrade to Prishtina transfer tour combines two services. Transfer from Belgrade to Priština (or vice versa) with a visit to Niš and Devil’s Town.  Your tour host will be your driver and a licensed tour guide at the same time.

Located only 163 kilometers from Sofia, Nis is a fantastic option to add a Serbian stamp in your passport, without checking out from your hotel in Bulgaria. Nis is the third-largest city in Serbia and the birthplace of Constantine the Great, one of the most important emperors in Roman history. Explore the intriguing history of former Yugoslavia, while having delicious authentic Serbian grill (roštilj) in the city, located on both sides of the Nisava river.

Visit Emperor Constantine’s birthplace Nis and one of the nominees for the New World’s Wonders of Nature – Devil’s Town!

Visit Andrićgrad and Mećavnik, two construction sites of our famous film director, take a ride on the Šargan Eight, discover Potpeće cave, the village of Zlakusu and enjoy a mini-cruise on the Drina River.

Visit the Devil's Town, a natural wonder of nature, spa in the Prolom Spa and visit Nis, the hometown of the famous Roman emperor Constantine the Great. Experience southern Serbia.


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